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General terms and conditions

1. Everyone who takes part in the activities of INTENSE Activities scrl/cvba (hereinafter referred to as ‘INTENSE’) is presumed to be in good health and physically able to participate without putting themselves or anyone else in danger, is not pregnant and has no heart conditions.

2. Visitors can only participate in the activities after having received the verbal safety instructions from a certified instructor employed by INTENSE. These instructions cover both the course itself and the mandatory protective gear required to enter the course safely.

3a. Participants must be at least 1m40 tall and be at least 10 years of age. For those who are shorter or younger (at least 6 years of age), an accompanying adult for every child is required. During events (Xtreme Xperience, Putteke Winter) participants smaller than 1m40 and/or younger than 10 years are not allowed.

3b. The maximum permitted weight per participant is 120 kg.

4. Only the safety gear belonging to INTENSE may be used to enter the course. No personal climbing harnesses, belts, helmets, lifelines or any other safety gear brought by the participants may be used under any circumstances for entering the course.

5. Instructions and missions given by the instructor / operator must be followed at all times. In the event of misbehaviour or a breach of the safety requirements and instructions, access to the activities and/or infrastructure may be refused. In the event of misbehaviour or a breach of the safety instructions by the instructor / operator, INTENSE shall assume no responsibility for any (personal) damage.

6. After the instructor has given safety instructions, participants can enter the course on their own. No personal assistance is needed. You are protected at all times by means of a continuous safety system. The instructors / rescuers have a supervisory role and can give additional instructions if needed.

7. No smoking is permitted when participants are wearing a climbing harness. Nor is smoking permitted in the presence of participants wearing a climbing harness.

8. INTENSE shall reserve the right to cancel an activity due on justifiable grounds. INTENSE will offer an alternative where possible. No compensation will be offered in such instances.

9. The prices are fixed. No discounts will be offered if you start later than the planned sessions / events.

10. No refund will be made if it appears that participants have stopped the activity early.

11. If during the course of the activity a change in programme is required due to factors beyond our control, INTENSE cannot be held liable.

12. Payment means acceptance of the content of the activity and agreement with the general terms and conditions of INTENSE.

13. INTENSE shall reserve the right to retain advance payments as compensation in the event of cancellation.

14. By making a reservation or registering, participants declare that they agree to photos or videos being taken during the activities. The visual material may be used for advertising purposes. Should a participant not agree to this, then he or she must explicitly mention this upon registration. The visual material remains the property of INTENSE.